Bhakti with Caitanya and Madhavi


Bhakti experience is intrinsic part of BYC and that’s what makes this event full of bhav – divine mood.

We already knew Caitanya from workshops with Patrick where he would lead the

god IMG_8765

“warming up the heart” beginning part of the class, which would make the workshops full of loving warmth. This time it was interesting to hear him and his beautiful wife Madhavi speak of the topic they are devoted to.

So here’s the teaching.

The main instruction for the mind is to be listening, pronouncing and focusing on the meaning of the mantra. As for the heart: You chant as if you have the blessed Lord in front of you, and your voice calls to Him, saying “I am surrendering to you, let your love shine on me, let me be the instrument of your love”.


We sang with open hearts to Him

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