take yoga into the world

The session today with Patrick Broome was beautiful and nourishing.


photo: Sara Traubel

And as always, Patrick didn´t miss the opportunity to share relevant  knowledge about the essence of yoga. He recalled his teachers words that yoga is about relationships… our relationship to Earth and nature, our family, people around us, ourselves. Asana, he said, is about our relationship with our bodies.

He invited us to take yoga into the world, he asked that we not only focus on what happens on the mat but that we use what we discover in our practice to become better, more kind and gentle people, first being kind to ourselves. With so many crazy things going on in the world, he said, it is extremely important that we re-connect to our true selves, it is only by doing this that we can dare influence what goes on in the world.

The sequence and postures that we practiced were focused on bringing us back to the foundation. Our stance strong and being guided by the breath, our connection to our highest source. Throughout the practice, he reminded us to be gentle with ourselves and trust our bodies´ intelligence.

The exploration with Patrick continues during the next days of the Conference, don´t miss the chance to learn from such a knowledgeable and kind teacher.

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