Make my body a prayer

avatar.jpg.320x320px Wonderful experience with Kaline Alayna today during her Yin yoga class.

It is great to learn new styles and techniques but nothing compares to a simple class where the teacher creates a safe space for you to be fully present and look deeply within yourself.

Kaline has a special vibratory presence. She might have just came out of the forest where she prayed for the rain, with her stary eyes and calm walk.

“Commit to being who you truly are right now”. With this direction we all came into stillness of the moment.

With soft live background music and soothing chanting by Prema Mayi it was easy let go. “All the spiritual teaching boils down to two things: Love yourself and accept whatever comes”. This workshop was about loving this vehicle that we received, the body, and accepting all that comes with this human experience.

Thank you, dearest teacher.



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