Learning to be gentle with Patrick Broome


Every year I wait for BYC like it’s Christmas.The gifts are the yoga experiences. Patrick Broome – Santa Claus and his presents are his presence.

The theme of his Friday’s workshop was “becoming gentle”. Patrick suggests that we follow yamas and niyamas through our relationships with others and ourselves.

As always with Patrick, the class starts with warming the heart with bhakti practice so we began with a beautiful chant to Sita and Ram led by Madhavi and Caitanya. Then we did soft warm up for the hips and practice made of sun salutations, standing poses and forward bends. It was simple yet slow enough that you got an experience of aliveness that your being is made of.

Patrick’s own gentle presence and voice infused us with peace and we all came out inspired with shiny eyes and easy smile on the face.

Thank you for sharing the love for yoga in this simple and profound way.

PS More Patrick tomorrow




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