surfing the breath

Today, the workshop with Simon Park felt like going surfing with a buddy and then visiting your favorite day spa, all to the rhythm of Johannes gracefully playing the guitar and signing to us beautiful mantras, throughout the whole experience.  What an incredible way to begin the conference! At the end of the seven hour practice, my body was smiling all over, reenergized and restored, ready for three more days of yoga!


The morning session started with an introduction to the wave motion of the breath in the body through gentle, organic, fluid, simple, subtle movements inspired by tai chi and other martial arts. I really enjoyed how Simon suggested that we explore these actions of the body through diverse shapes & motions yet encouraged us to listen to ourselves and ride our own wave- our breath.

He continued to explain how his practice style is suitable for ALL level practitioners because he encourages everyone to move from awareness.

We practiced a beautiful creative vinyasa flow that called in the elements of water and space and the occasional fire to link asanas through fluid transitions that let the breath move in to create space in the joints and muscles. The sequence combined standing postures, hip – openers, arm balances, inversions, twists, backbends and forward bends.

Simon mentioned how his teacher, Richard Freeman emphasized the importance of combining the yin & yang elements in EACH practice to truly obtain a balanced result every time we do asana, and that is what we did throughout this 3.5 hour session.

The afternoon session was all about refinement. As Simon explained, once we are able to truly listen to what happens when we practice, we then become teachers and are able to share with others what we feel and have discovered through our practice.


The session started with a delicious thai massage mini session of adjustments in savasana working with partners. Throughout the rest of the workshop, we combined yoga assists, creating awareness of the actions of the different asanas that we practiced during the morning, the movement of the breath and some thai massage techniques that slowly prepared the body for a final deep, restorative relaxation.  simon.jpg

You should definitely NOT miss Simon
during his next sessions throughout the next days of the Conference. His smile, fluidity and humbling presence are inspiring!

Grateful & content I now prepare myself to wrap up this amazing day!

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