David Williams’ “Aloha!”


Conference started for me with pre-conference all day workshop with David Williams. It is special be able to spend time at the feet of someone who has been practicing for 45 years and have been one of the first westerners to be taught by Pattabi Jois.

David who now is based in Hawaii shares his love for yoga in a very relaxed manner. As he told his story we all felt like little children listening to their grandfather tell fairy tales.

Some things David want be understood about the practice is that

  1. It must daily and adapted to your needs
  2. Yoga practice must increase prana from the inside

For him it means, never hurting yourself and always use bandhas along with deep breathing.

David led us through an easy version of the primary series and encouraged us to continue through the whole of four series with appropriate modifications as Pattabi Jois used to allow students to do in the beginning. We also had wonderful session of led pranayama.

He took a long time to stress that yoga teachers should be extremely careful not to hurt students with their adjustments. What can be worse yoga karma than injuring someone during their practice? Being sensitive and careful, treating each student like a precious being is the only way.

David is wonderful! Aloha!..


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