What is it about Acroyoga?

acro4The first time I learned about Acroyoga was some years ago in a park, I saw some people lifting each other up and down and having some loud and contagious laughs. Ever since that day, I have seen many more Acroyoga scenes around the city and began to hear more and more about this interesting practice, I have even participated in a few, fun classes.


So, What is it about Acroyoga?

The first personal experience I had with Acroyoga was when a friend asked me to join her for an “Acroyoga jam”, I had no idea what it was but it sounded fun so I said yes! On the way there, she explained that the practice was a combination of acrobatics, thai massage and yoga asanas. When we arrived, very few people were there which was great because I got to be “flown” by one of the teachers and he played around with me practicing what you call a “therapeutic flight”. It was really amazing how being up in the air and having my body be held in  several “strategic” points and then applying some interesting movements and twists caused such a deep, delicious release that I can still remember today.


Acroyoga and the Barcelona Yoga Conference

Since the first time I participated in the BYC in 2013, I have noticed Acroyoga has had a very unique place in the Conference. A special reserved space for acroyogis to experiment and play around has always been included in the Conference setting as well as some free events inviting local acroyogis to share their knowledge and creativity with others. Also Pau and Mireia, two of the main organizers are renowned acroyoga teachers and practitioners.

This year in no exception, before the Conference, from July 16 – 20, an Acroyoga Lunar Immersion will take place as a special event of the Conference. Find more information here. And the main program will include several Acroyoga classes during several classes during the three main days. You can even participate in some of them at no cost, as part of the free program.

A little bit more of where it comes from…

krishnamacharyaIn order to write this post, I recently met a friend who practices and teaches Acroyoga so I could learn a little bit more about it and share it with you. I asked her about the origin of the practice and she told me that already in the 1930´s there is a video of the renowned Krishnamacharya practicing some acroyoga similar transitions with a child. She also explained that now there are several Acroyoga schools but the original two schools were Acroyoga Montreal and Acroyoga Inc. Acroyoga Montreal was founded by Jessie Goldberg and Eugene Poku in 1999. Acroyoga Inc., now known as Acroyoga International was founded in 2003 by Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein and codified by them in 2006.

Both schools now develop teacher trainings and immersions to guide interested practitioners to develop their practice in a safe, educational and fun way.acro7

I also asked her what she thought was so captivating about this practice or what was most appealing to her, I found her answer really beautiful, she said: “To me Acroyoga is an opportunity to remind us that we are all one, it reaffirms us that with the help of others we can accomplish things we never thought we could do. It also reminds us that we are here not only for ourselves but also for others…”

Don´t lose your chance to try out or practice Acroyoga at the Barcelona Yoga Conference with specialized teachers and have some fun flying and playing around with some amazing yogis from all over the globe. 

( You can participate in my friends´ Claudia´s classes in Barcelona on Thursdays in Yogacrobatic, further information here.)

see you soon lovely hearts!

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