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“To begin with, all food was considered as human medicine. Food is the medicine which creates equili­brium.” -Beads of Truth by Yogi Bhajan

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So what is it about yogis and food? I don´t know about you, but since I started to practice yoga regularly, my eating habits have changed significantly. To begin with, I stopped eating meat all together, it just happened very organically for me, I no longer craved it or found pleasure in consuming it, it even felt as if my body rejected it. And this began a whole new relationship with my food. I stopped choosing food as a “habit” of what I was used to eating and starting listening to what my body wanted and what felt best for my digestion and to enhance my physical activities.

They say yoga is the path to self-discovery, a lifestyle, a journey back to the source. The reality is that as I continued to practice yoga consistently, I craved more vegetables and fruits, less fatty and sweet things. I started caring more about what went into my body and how my food made me feel. This is sometimes difficult for the people around you to accept, you are often questioned about your decisions regarding your food choices and people don´t understand why you suddenly stop eating the way you did before. Eating is not only a process of nurturing ourselves, it is also a way to share special moments with the people around you, therefore changing your eating habits can affect your relationships with the people you normally share your meals with: friends and family. Nonetheless, you have to remain true to yourself, follow your intuition and honor your inner voice, especially when it comes to choosing what you put into your body. It is true that we are influenced by the yoga “media” and whatever is the “fashionable” super food or trend of the moment, but there is always a voice that speaks your truth and knows what is best for you each moment of your life.

And then I went deeper into yoga philosophy and learned about the yamas & niyamas and ahimsa – compassion for ourselves and ALL living things. Inevitably, as we begin to cultivate self-love and respect for ourselves, we can´t help but expand these to ALL other beings, for you understand that everyone has a value as an essential part of this universe. You begin to question violence among humans and from humans towards other species and as your awareness and consciousness raises, you want to avoid eating anything that has been mistreated or caused to suffer, not to mention produced industrially and with very little environmental respect.


Many amazing things start to happen! As you begin to explore an exciting new cosmos of vegetarian foods, you discover the great deal of exciting options you can substitute your “habitual” foods with. If you like cooking, your creativity will burst as you begin to experiment and explore new and unknown ingredients that you perhaps have never heard of or never even thought of incorporating into your cooking before. This is just the beginning of an amazing journey towards creative, delicious and nourishing foods that are cruelty and suffering free.

vegfriendlyWe are lucky that Barcelona has declared itself the first vegetarian friendly city in the world in the past month of March! There are already a wide variety of vegetarian restaurants around the city where you can enjoy creative and delicious food.


As each year, during the Barcelona Yoga Conference we will have the most diverse and amazing selection of veggie food stands to enjoy between the activities, available during the whole 3 days of the main Conference. My mouth is drooling already 😉 Cant´t wait!

Love to ALL!

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