Recommendations for Pre-conference

Unfolding the BYC 2017 for myself, I read through the list of presenters. So many famous yoga teachers, that I would like to practice with. Thank God some of them already came to previous years’ events so I already know who I want to be with again and that saves me from the anxiety of choice.

Baby steps, I want to look at Thursday only.

Thursday looks great with very different options: Ashtanga with David Williams, Thai Massage with Takis and David or Vinyasa with Simon Park. All three equally attractive, your choice must depend on your needs, what is best for you at the moment.

david will

Taking your practice to the next level with David? He has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for over 40 years and studied closely with Shri K Pattabi Jois, thus making this workshop an invaluable opportunity to take a class from someone truly experienced.


Thai Massage with Takis and David is always a hit, wonderful experience to touch someone and be touched in a gentle, compassionate, calm and very pleasurable kind of way. The feeling when you come out of class is in one word – BLISSED.


Last but not least,  Vinyasa Flow that you have never experienced before – Simon Park, a man that surfs the wave of asana practice. Simon studied with Shiva Rea and other teachers, which lead him to develop his own style of “liquid flow”. If you want more inspiration for your vinyasa practice, don’t doubt in following his footsteps.
In case, you are not coming the to pre conference workshops these great teachers will be giving classes during the main event, so be on the lookout, and more than anything…  enjoy!

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