Barcelona Yoga Conference 2016



Life seems to rise in intensity and it takes a conscious effort to be able to pause, slow down and feel the present moment. Path to awareness is not easy in the modern society especially in urban context, and gadgets don’t help.

We need variety of ways to be able to connect to now and learning to live life everyday fully takes an effort. Yoga offers so many tools to help each individual find a path that serves him or her according to his or her preferences.

Yoga practice not only makes our bodies more flexible and strong, but teaches us to breathe, look at everything from the point of view of ever-changing reality. We are more content, our mind need less impulses from outside, we learn to observe intently inner movements and connect to person in front.

barcelona_yoga_conference6 2

Finding the practice that can serve as the true path is not easy: there is a lot on offer in each city, country and since becoming a yoga teacher became so easy, you don’t always get to practice with someone truly experienced.

Barcelona Yoga Conference offers an authentic experience of being able to be in presence of truly experienced competent teachers who spent years testing, working, refining, sharing their path. Mouth-watering programme that gets richer every year, and so is the case in 2016.

We can’t wait to be together again. Breathe, practice, smile, do what we love, together.


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