Essential Oils Therapy

The first thing I do as I run away from the city commotion and murky air and arrive in a natural landscape is to take a deep, deep breath! I take a moment to inhale all the fragrances around me, identifying the different sources of these unique, lively smells. My lungs and nose are thankful for this treat, they receive a boost of vitality from the natural fragrances all around.

download (1)A similar thing occurs when I use essential oils. These small bottles of 5 or 15 milliliters contain the very essence of nature in them.

My experience with essential oils

Being a yoga practitioner and teacher, I am deeply drawn towards empirical knowledge. I always encourage my students to question, test and try things from their own perspective and I also do the same with my practice and every new thing I try.

My set of essential oils is my very own experimental kit. I enjoy studying the qualities of each fragrance and I am slowly learning about the diverse uses for each unique bottle and blend.

My favorite uses so far are:

  • Combining peppermint and lemon essences for a refreshing mouthwash first thing in the morning
  • A drop of lavender in my pillow for a wonderful, restful sleep
  • Using eucalyptus and mixing it with a vegetable oil such as coconut or sesame for an invigorating neck and face massage.
  • Rubbing a drop of tea tree oil after washing my hair to condition and maintain skull health
  • Adding a drop of peppermint oil to water when your tummy is aching or feeling strange to support digestion.

I am really happy with the results so far and I know I still have a long way to go to continue exploring all the different uses and therapies that essential oils can support.

Essential Oils at the Barcelona Yoga Conference 

Did you know that the essential oils company Young Living is a sponsor of the Barcelona imagesYoga Conference? Don´t forget to visit them at their stand. They will also be offering two presentations on Friday 22 @ 10:30 & Saturday 23 @ 8am. on how to combine yoga and the use of essential oils. Find more information here.

Until briefly,

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