Life happens in between


It’s still cold and snowy in Munich and dreaming about sunny and warm Barcelona, summer and spending time outside with friends is what keeps me going during these last days of winter.

First thing that comes into my mind when thinking about Barcelona Yoga Conference is this special atmosphere which arises when you put like-minded people together in a beautiful environment, where they can practice yoga together, sing and connect.

Sure, the lineup this year again is as amazing as always: Maghan Currie, Patrick Broome, Jai Uttal, Christine May – just to name a few. But for me, its more about the small things that happen in between classes and events.


I love to observe how much love all the vendors put into decorating every little detail of their space. Watching the food suppliers arranging their food so mindfully and people worshiping and enjoying it. Witnessing all those small meeting happening between strangers, making connections. Being part of all of this and soaking up as much of the positive energy as possible.




My teacher always says: Life happens in between. A saying that has proved its truth for me in many ways since I started to observe my life more mindfully. For me it’s also true for the Barcelona Yoga Conference: Life happens in between. In between classes, workshops and kirtans. For me the many small moments are the most valuable ones. Looking forward to a lot of them this summer.

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