10 reasons to join the BYC now!

Are you ready?

Isn’t it exciting that we are only 170 days away from meeting at the Barcelona Yoga Conference? 

Here are 10 reasons why you should sign up right now for this grandiose Yoga event (if you haven’t already! What are you waiting for!?)

1. Teachers: Have you checked the program? An amazing group of wonderful and diverse teachers & facilitators is coming together to share their uniqueness

2. Barcelona: one of the most amazing, multicultural, multi-faceted cities in Europe is the host of this wonderful Conference


11251386_986523501387233_2081356450586391881_n3. Amazing food: some of the most creative, nutritious & healthy choices from
Barcelona and beyond are available in the Yoga Village where you can nurture yourself with delicious vegetarian and vegan treats and meals

4. Yoga products & creative stuff: a wide variety of products associated to yoga, well-being and creativity you can find at special prices at the venue.

5. Early bird prices: If you sign up before 1st of March, you will be able to obtain an early bird price

6. Weather: perfect Mediterranean summer weather will be waiting for you in beautiful and sunny Barcelona

friends7. Great meeting for friends: Did you know that if you sign up as a group, you get a 15% – 25% discount in your tickets? Invite your friends and fellow yogis to join you in Barcelona!

8. Try new yoga styles: Have you ever practiced Anukalana Yoga, YinYangYoga, Kalarippayat, Karanes Dancing Asanas? These and many other different yoga styles will be available for you to have a blast giving them a try!

9. Sing & dance your heart open: The Barcelona Yoga Conference 2016 will be no exception to previous ones for great musicians and kirtan leaders


10. Indulge in the yoga sangha: This conference offers you the opportunity to spend 5 days immersed in a yoga, dance and musical environment & enjoy the atmosphere of a diverse and open community coming together to share and celebrate life!

Looking forward to meeting you in yet another amazing Yoga Conference in Barcelona!

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