Yin Yoga love

The Barcelona Yoga Conference was absolutely amazing.

I recommand you to book your place already for the next one on 2016!

During the BYC I attended all the Yin Yoga classes with Biff Mithoefer : absolutely amazing : so deep, profound & healing.

Yin Yoga uses long-held postures that support us in accessing the deeper, more yin parts of ourselves. We explore differents postures that affected our physical, energetic & emotional bodies.Explore the Yin Yoga practice of nonstriving and how it influences our lives and teachings.

Yin yoga love It’s a very simple practice and in its simplicity lies its quiet power.

The posture allow muscles to relax. It is only when the muscles relax that we may access the deep yin parts of the body, the connective tissue.

And above all, the asana were done with an attitude of yin : acceptance.

Rather than trying to force ourselves to look like someone else’s idea of what the posture “should” be, we can let our own bodies guide us. By not forcing or striving, our body will find its own natural pattern. Once we have allowed the body to find its own way into the posture, we invite it to stay there, generally for around five minutes. During this long hold, we are able to just be with what is. It is not a time to control either the mind or the body, but a time to witness everything that comes up.

From a physical point of view, yin practice is unique. If we look at the human body, we can see—as with the whole universe—that there are aspects of the body that are more yin, and aspects that are more yang. Yang is represented by the more striving parts of our physical being—the muscles; yin is held by our more accepting, less active parts—our connective tissues.

And Biff was sharing some poetry & the sounds of the drum was so healing!

Such a transformative journey!

Much much love.

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