A Tribute to Jeff Fisher

Thanks to Mirjam Wagner and her Yin Yoga class on Sunday morning at byc to feel and see what time means – and how you can use yoga to speak out to support and honor others. As we lay all down in one of our first yin positions, Mirjam quoted Jeff Fisher with words from last year – when he taught at byc.

Jeff then already fought against cancer in his body, which he so unfortunately lost in September last year. So Mirjam did not say nothing more than: “In this position let your body melt to the floor like chocolate in the desert – as Jeff Fisher said last year teaching in this room.” What a nice remembrance of this wonderful teacher. And a reminder how fast time flies and how life – and with it everything around us – changes.

Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher

It’s one of the principles you can find even back thousands of years in classical yoga texts: to use yoga as a tool to see how everything changes, comes and goes – and to accept that it is, what it is. Usually older texts and also we today in some way see that work happening mostly in meditation. Building up awareness towards what is called samsara, the wheel of all life, which goes on and on and you don’t know when or what the change will come/be.

So yesterday in Mirjams beautiful class I was aware of the all surrounding change lying in a yin position, and the acceptance of what is just felt a little bit closer  – a meditative state, which yin really offers, if you let that happen.

Only left to say: what a nice and easy remembrance for us who are yoga teachers (or somewhat teachers) to be inspired by Mirjam. Just by quoting someone, bringing him and his work back into our mind, into our awareness, into our lives. Honoring all this beautiful people who worked their way through samsara and inspired in so many ways others.

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