Sunday morning Yin: TLC for the body, mind and soul

A chance to settle down, relax into the body, and give ourselves a good dose of Tender Loving Care: – what better a way to start your Sunday?!


Yin Yoga with Mirjam Wagner and David Lurey is like letting the body sink into a fragrant bath tub of bubbles and bliss, with the beautiful combination of two special souls, two harmonious voices and their unique way of reminding us to be at home in ourselves as connected beings.

After many hours in the last few days of intense movement, lots of new input, exciting people, teachers, classes, places; masses of outer stimuli for the mind and body, the early Sunday morning yin yoga class was a special tonic to balance all the accumulated yang energies, often accompanied by great fatigue and even information overload.

The gentle sequence of relaxing less provocative yin yoga postures allowed us to honour all the body’s sensations, to reach an individual depth within the pose that could lead the mind into a very open, receptive place; a place where the words accompanying the sweet guitar melodies played by David could sink profoundly into our heart and soul. 150705_yin1

During such moments of absolute stillness and quiet, the mind may become unbearably loud, yet it is a very powerful place to get to. A place where we can observe ourselves without judgement and learn to soften and connect to who we really are. The child, as Mirjam reminded us, never really grows up.

Mirjam’s natural, sincere manner and gentle reminders whilst we dropped into our poses were particularly thought-provoking: a reflection on how we often feel we are not good enough. In a conference scenario it can be an easy thought to relate to, when alongside so many other lithe, supple, super strong and flexible bodies – that we are not quite enough.

The emotion was palpable. We were each moved in our own different ways by the music, the voices, our reflections.

“May I remember this”, they sang, “I am not separate”.

When I am separate I float in a boat on an ocean without a sail“.

A strong message, a simple one. Yet so easily forgotten when we associate who we are with our body, or with some outer ideal.

Mirjam’s gentle, sweet tones blend to perfection with the deeper, warm voice of her partner, friend, husband and fellow yogi David, setting an exquisite tone for the practice. What a joy to have shared their love for each other, for life, for us all.

Thank you both with all my heart for creating this safe, held, loving space.

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