Quick interview! Let’s meet… Yogi Varuna!!!

Dov Vargas

Dharma yoga practitioner

  1. What’s the asana that describes you the most?

I would say the “charging scorpion” (hollow back bend), I think I always have an open heart so in that pose you really need to have an open chest and just always try to be compassionate and always opened and be loving to everyone but at the same time you are a scorpion, so you need to be protected and not getting taken advantage of. To be nice but there are times, not to be mean but you have to be stricter, if that make sense.

  1. What’s a guru for you? Who’s your guru?

Guru basically is anyone who is on the path of yoga or on the path of self-realization, basically can be anyone who has more knowledge than you. So, like my teacher says sometimes before you even find the guru you find the teacher who is wiser and then you keep learning from him and if you ever come to the point where you are moving pass better than him then you find another teacher. So usually at the beginning you start finding teachers or if you are lucky like me you already have the guru. As a guru you are a perfect example of a yogi or not even a yogi but a perfect example of a good person. Then you have to surrender to the guru or to the teacher and really open your heart and take all the teaching and do it a 100%. If you don´t do it a 100% you are not gonna go far enough.

Basically is someone whose aura is very strong so when you are within the aura you have all the knowledge psychically as long as you are receptive enough.

My guru is Sir Dharma Mittra.

  1. Is it sadhana important for you? And why?

Of course! Sadhana is always important specially in the beginnings stages you have to develop a practice. Sometimes if you are lucky enough to have a teacher or guru right next to you where you can practice under the guidance and that’s good to take advantage of but for some people you can only get it the taste and they have to do it more on their own. Either way they will come a point where you have to do it by yourself.

The teacher can only show you but you have to do it. And if you can´t do it yourself then you cannot do anything.

It is not how much you do or how deep you do, is to do something every day. Even if it is few minutes of pranayama every day is better than doing 12h practice once a week. Consistency and discipline!

  1. New timers for the BYC, what’s your tip for them?

Have an open mind and just to try, not to judge until afterwards. If you have to judge do it completely, what the teacher said and then afterwards you can decide whether you like one type well. But just to try, surrender and that’s it.

  1. Which is your inspirational quote?

“Remember the goal of self-realization” Sir Dharma Mittra. We do this practice to realize who we really are, so simple but the mind can´t get it.

  1. Could you describe what a ¨normal¨ day looks like for you?

Waking up

Drink hot water with lemon

Sit for a bit and do some pranayamas or chant some song with the harmonium to open the heart

(if I don’t have time to do that it doesn´t affect me, so I try not to be dependent on the practice. If I can do it it’s good, if I cannot do it it’s good too)

Teach or go to Dharma master class

Gym to workout and strengthen


Yummy vegan food

Rest a bit at home

The main thing is to go and do the practice and teaching.

  1. In which moment did you decide to start practicing yoga? And why?

I was race with yoga but it was not always appealing., just because you grow up in a family of yogis that doesn´t mean is cool. At the beginning I rebel I was doing teenager stuff but there was one day they said they were going to do a teacher training in Israel and I liked to travel so I said mmmm I don’t really want to do the teaching, the yoga so much but I want to travel. So I was like if I travel I have to do the training, so I was like… ok I’ll do it and see what happens. And then I did the 10-day full training and at the end of the training there was a point where at the end that everybody says something to Dharma like I had a great experience, thank you so much… And there was one guy who he was just crying like crazy and he was so touched and at that point something switched. So instead of seeing him like just my dad speaking I saw him in the same light as students do. So from that point I can make that differentiation, so in that point I started to surrender and gradually I started to practice and learn more and more. That was in 2010, 5 years ago.

  1. Favorite book

“Self knowledge” is the book that Dharma kind of lives by and it’s by Swami Nikhilananda.

Every time I read that book I can hear Dharma’s teachings, that book is everything about self-realization. You read a small piece and then you reflect, you can read it few years later and there’s always something new. It is always something to keep coming back to.

  1. If you could choose, where would you go to practice right now? And which type of yoga would that be?

If I could go anywhere it would be in a beach in Thailand with a fresh cold coconut and it will be Dharma yoga.

  1. Which question are you missing in this interview? Can you answer it?

Mmmm… Do you believe in reincarnation? Yeah!! I definitely believe in reincarnation and that we have many lives we are all different souls from different ages and we are coming here to keep reaching this self-realization and some people are, like Dharma who’s a guru that are more realized and then once we reach it, then.. who knows.

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