movers and shakers

At 8 am today, we became movers and shakers! 

shiva1This took place in the guided yoga trance dance with Shiva Rea. She highlighted that it was the first one ever celebrated so early in the morning but that she was super excited to have the opportunity to share this powerful practice and guide the group to a powerful start of the day.

We began shaking small hand rattles and Shiva reminded us how this is the first instrument  that we are given as babies and also given to the elder in ancient shamanic traditions.

Through an excellent musical repertoire that included a great diversity of musical traditions and styles, we were guided to connect with our sacred inner rhythm and the splendid diversity of nature that is manifested through movement meditation when we are able to connect with these qualities that lie within us.


This was an excellent start of the day! So much freedom and joy are released from being able to flow to the rhythm of sound and freeing the mind and body of predetermined forms or ideas of how we should move or what we should think.

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