“If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re too small!”

Once again practicing with Patrick Broome today proved to be one of my personal highlights so far on this conference. What an amazing array of experiences all wrapped up into one!


Chanting and dancing, free-style practice, smooth, shared Jivamukti-inspired warrior sequences and finally a repetition of twists, hip-openers and backbends to take us gradually deeper on a search for our own truth. Into a place of greater stillness inside, and some time for quiet and space.

As Patrick gently guided us towards the archetype of today’s particular class, as individual visionaries each on our own special ‘vision quest,’ the experience focussed on what worked and didn’t work for us at any particular moment: there was the chance to move further, stay where we were or simply rest.

After setting the tone with song and dance, it was time to create some fire, to find the warrior qualities necessary to set out on our independent path. It was extremely refreshing to be given a space to practice what we all needed: 15 minutes of individual practice to build some heat. A stairway to heaven experience to accompany a fabulous soundtrack!

Certain words jumped out at me, imprinting themselves deeply on my mind and heart,

If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re too small. Create space. Think big!

Deep lunges, pigeon pose, janu sirsana and twisting, several times over, burning and transforming, experiencing each moment, each posture differently on every visit. The repetition proved that we could deepen and open, not only to ourselves in the posture, but to the experience of the conference itself, and to the possibilities that lie ahead of us. Creating a new, bigger picture of ourselves without any other belief, restraint or structure.

Not only did I sweat buckets, I laughed, felt free, and stretched myself within completely new physical and emotional places.

I truly love the chance to practice with such liberation and encouragement for embracing our individualities, and am deeply grateful to Patrick for taking us there.

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