What is Patrick’s “BEYOND JIVAMUKTI” mean?


Patrick started his masterclass by saying: “There are many Jivamukti teachers in this class and they are wondering what I am going to teach now. Well in Zen tradition they say you must first study with your teacher for ten years, then you must teach exactly what you were taught another ten years and then you can teach from your heart. So I have studied with Sharon and David for ten years, then I taught what I learned and now I am ready to teach from my heart.”

I don’t know his secret, but everytime I take Patricks’ class – he blows my mind, and not just mine.

He starts with chanting, and then we all chant together which brings the sense of union and gives all of us an intention for practice. He usually explains the plan for the practice and then off we go with some asana practice and he would usually mix it up with osho shaking or sufi practice like yesterday, or yoga nidra or some other practice to give us a deeper sense of our own presence.

Sense of trust and detachment is what emanates from him. He doesn’t talk a lot and that gives space for the reality within to unfold. What else can you desire from such encounter?

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