Yin Yoga with Mirjam Wagner : A Journey to yourself!

Enjoying the quiet !

We started the class chanting & Mirjam explain to us what’s really Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga is a therapeutic, quiet practice that creates more space on a physical, energetic and emotional level. Yin Yoga brings flexibility, strength and grace into body, emotions and mind.

We target the connective tissue to make it stronger, juicier and therefore more elastic.

I love it : and you ?YogaTherapy

As a therapetic approch, each person will adapt the pose : no alignement here!

Few quotes from the class that i love :

“Are you courageous enough to change the pose ?”

“Feel this freedom”

“Where in the body the sensation come up”

“Changes in life with your relationships, work… the same during the pose, accept change”

“The breath that the one’s that help you again and again, to soft the body”

“Be compassionate with yourself”

“You are perfect”

“Trust your body : it’s ready

“Don’ be shy to explore. What helps you go deeper within the pose ?”

“Each one of you does the pose differently”

“Don’t be shy to be complicated.. until you find the perfect way to take the pose for you”

“How can you help your body to relax, to restore ?”

“Invite yin qualities into your thoughts : kindness, compassion, generosity”

“Giving up control into your system”

Much much love

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