The ultimate beauty of existence

Today the Conference has started officially!

Arriving at the venue, the excitement was all pervasive. Everyone was so excited to meet their friends and teachers coming together one more year in this special occasion.


I joined Jivamukti Yoga with Petros.  A lovely Dharma talk from him invited us to connect with the ultimate beauty of existence:  “that which is also beautiful for cats & dogs” (I loved this phrase!). And to remember that we practice to achieve freedom from any labels or baggage that bind us to the obsession for “stability”, to realize that our bodies, our minds, our beings change every day and this is what constitutes the human experience, the inherent change that is around and within us.

He invited us to continue exploring our limits and “preferences” through our practices and cited Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (PYS IV.28):

hanam esham kleshavad uktam

“The greatest obstacle to the practice is one’s own prejudices based on ones own preferences”

A great beginning of the day and the Conference!

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