The Power of Learning – Petros Haffenrichter & Tiffany Cruikshank

If you ask around, who does like to learn something – could be anything from cooking to philosophy – most people will say YES I DO. For some reason we humans (and beside us a lot of animals) really enjoy to learn something new.

So one of my yoga teachers once said to me he does not understand the concept of yoga conferences. He would call them “yoga circus”. When he first mentioned that I didn’t know what to respond. I loved conferences ever since, I enjoyed them and I like the idea of even more of them recently coming up and more yoga festivals that are evolving. But what to say to explain my liking? “I just like them”, seemed not an appropriate answer for this teacher.

Today morning at BYC I went to Petros Haffenrichter’s class. It was one the first’s of the main conference, at 8 am. I was kind of tired – and also kind of excited, because I knew and I felt, this is just the beginning. So Petros talked about the upcoming of a group consciousness, about a wisdom that can come through a consciousness shared with others. I was thrilled: This idea I ever since liked. And it is also an idea me as a yoga teacher like to make classes upon that theme. Seriously, I so did before coming to Barcelona. When Petros talked about a rising group consciousness it also reminded me of this yoga teacher who didn’t like the idea of conferences.

Petros Haffenrichter – teaching another jivamukti class at Sunday, 2.45 pm and leading a kirtan on Saturday, 3.30 pm

Petros talked about the benefit of a group discussing “yoga”-things – or just call it yoga -, and I thought, yes! Really I should have told my yoga teacher this: Conferences are all about satsang and sangha: Having new people around you, with them you can share your ideas about yoga, personal insight, crazy ideas… Whatever.

And then also this happened after Petros’ class: I went to the core-class with Tiffany Cruikshank. I never took a class with her, before the conference I didn’t even know her name. So you know when you go to a class just to get to know somebody’s style of teaching? Me at least then is not expecting that much, with a mind that just wants to explore something new. And then…

Wohooo, this was such a nice class and Tiffany has a new fan (which is of course me, just to avoid misunderstandings ;)) Tiffany shared all about core and twists, taking the word core and explaining it in an anatomical way. Then we got into a nice and flowing core standing sequence (in which for the first time reverse warrior made really sense for me on a deeper level) just to find ourselves in a strongly grounded and twisted side crow. That side crow got so much power from deep within, because of all the work we did before.

I enjoyed Tiffany’s class so much because I LEARNED something – and this is just fun. Also I can take that home – before that, I can even share my ideas about it here at the conference, and then I can share it with people home in Cologne. It’s really nice and also so joyful that learning can be fun, don’t you think?

Tiffany Cruikshank – teaching schedule BYC: Saturday 6pm and Sunday 12.30 am

Oh and then one thing left concerning my yoga conferences-critical teacher: So I asked him back then if he ever went to a conference, he said no, and that he never wanted to – because there were too many teachers and too less time. Today, sitting in the Barcelona sun at BYC with my new experiences and having already learned so much after two classes, the only thing I should have said would be that he really should try. To learn something new. Even if he doesn’t want to. His human nature would enjoy it 😉

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