The enchanted journey of Yin Yoga

1507_biffMost of us who were fortunate enough to live the magic of the Yin Yoga class with Biff Mithoefer and the angelic voice of Prema Mayi, would not be able to find words enough to describe the incredible journey we were all taken on this afternoon. So I will do my very utmost to try to recreate some of this unique and very special experience.

We began listening to the gentle tones of Biff’s beautifully simple and humble guidance as he explained the concept of the Dao and the theme of acceptance within the yin yoga practice. Sitting in the open air venue I could already feel my body and mind softening.

We were then led on a transformative voyage of yin yoga as poetry, drum beat, silence and chanting accompanied us: softly nudging us into letting go of the ‘yang’ striving of mind and body, the physical and mental emphasis to want to change our reality, and instead tap into our more accepting feminine nature.

In the words of poem and through the beat of the drum, we were encouraged to drop all searching for reasons behind things and to stay wholeheartedly in the present moment with equanimity.

What a life changing practice Yin is!

We don’t need to try to be or do anything to be different. As Biff softly reminded us, Acceptance leads to Equanimity which leads to Compassion. Aligning ourselves from within, not from the outside, or someone else’s idea of what our ‘alignment’ should be. 1507_premamayi

A few of the words of poetry which deeply moved me, and continue to vibrate and resonate in every cell of my body are,

“Even after all this time,

the sun never says to the earth,

‘you owe me’,

Look what can happen with a love like that,

It lights up the whole world…”

All the while there was another very special presence on stage.

Prema has a voice which moves deep into the most profound layers of your being, wrapping you up in a blanket of softness, moving emotions of every colour of the rainbow, whilst holding you safe, cradling you warm, filling you with light. Following the most trance-like savasana I can remember in a very, very long time, we were gifted with the harmony of mother and son joining voice, musical skill and beauty with the incredible charango, an instrument I fell in love with from the soundtrack of a favourite movie, “The motorcycle diaries”.

The only words left, are to express my absolute pure gratitude. For love, for life, forever sharing.

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