The Benefit of Letting all go – With Ale & Pau

The really nice thing of acro yoga during a 3-day-yoga conference is the chance of getting some therapeutical flying during all that other yoga classes. I didn’t even know I would get this when I went today to Pau’s and Ale’s class at the conference. Ale is one of my first acro yoga teachers, maybe four or five years back from now I met her in an acro workshop. I fell in love with her from the first moment. She has that lightness of explaining everything in a way, that makes you feel comfortable, even in hard positions. When she shows how things go, she makes them look so easy and welcoming – you just go for it (even if it turns out later that the position is not so easy going as you thought ;)). And Pau… of course he is one of the heartiest and funniest people I know who can teach you acro yoga – and he can make you trust in the positions and yourself. And it is no secret that Ale and Pau make a wonderful team!


With all that in mind THOUGH my original plan was not to go there. Hmmmm. Here is the short, short story why it took a friend for me being in their class: I was really into acro yoga this four, five years ago, I had a group to practice with, but for some reason I stopped practicing acro yoga on a regular basis (say it’s because of the worse weather in Germany – bad excuse, I know ;)).

So now a friend of me wants to start an acro yoga group again. Yet before BYC she was like: Yes, com’ on, let’s do this. Let’s learn something in Barcelona and take that home to Cologne, let’s start a new group (we already have a facebook group – that is a beginning).

So I went through the acro-byc-program. Puh… If you want to take an acro yoga class at BYC you have to choose hard… There are so many and so many wonderful teachers. Teachers that you know, teachers you’ve heard about. BUT then I saw the class with Pau and Ale and I just knew – because of my past experiences with them – that’s the perfect fit for today, Friday.

pau 1

AND THEN the first thing Ale and Pau asked us was, if everyone knows Folded Leaf. I was like: yes, that would be so nice!! After the morning practices with Petros and Tiffany it would be such a perfect hang out. Literally. So my pre-enthusiastic friend and me did Folded Leaf together, super basic. And then Ale and Pau gave us some nice and easy variations. It’s so helpful to hear Pau say that healing takes place if you don’t do anything. And that we mostly do a LOT too much to let that happen.

Ale then showed a twist variation in Leaf and I remembered that one. It went really good, I could feel how stable my legs were as a base and also I soooo enjoyed the passive part. It’s nice to be remembered what you already know – but what you forgot because you did not practice it for a longer time. Then also we did some shoulder releases and one even scarier position, where the person on top is in a shoulderstand-like variation. But even there I could feel the release in my body of letting go and trusting the person underneath me.

My back and my shoulders feel super nice after the workshop, but more than this: I feel the power of that therapeutic positions and I even feel my own enthusiasm coming back doing ALL of the positions in my “new” group in Cologne.

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