LET’S MEET… David Swenson

David Swenson

Ashtanga yoga practitioner.

  1. What’s the asana that describes you the most?

I don’t know. I am not the right person to ask that, for me they are all family members, you kind of have relationship with all of them. You can’t have a favorite one.

  1. What’s a guru for you? Who’s your guru?

The practice is the guru, but I had many teachers that they inspired me like K. Pattabi Jois, David Williams, my brother and many other people that inspired me. Like Pattabi Jois used to say, 99% is the practice and 1% is theory. The real guru is the practice itself that’s why teachers encourage their students to gain the practice and through the practice they gain ability.

  1. Is it sadhana important for you? And why?

Well, sadhana is the practice right, so sadhana is important. It is important cos how can you gain benefit without practice… If you wanna become good at playing the violin, you will need to practice. Anything you wanna learn you need to practice. So practice is the best teacher of all.

  1. New timers for the BYC, what’s your tip for them?

“uauuuu is great fun!!! BYC is like a food buffet for yoga” You come, walk down the line and just have a taste of all kind of wonderful foods. Have an experience”

  1. Which is your inspirational quote?

“It is very easy to make things difficult and it is very difficult to make things easy”

  1. Could you describe what a ¨normal¨ day looks like for you?

I have an abnormal life cos I travel so much, so depends on the days. Some days I spend the whole day in airplanes or airports and I teach a lot, teacher training courses, workshops, Mysore classes, etc.

So I don’t have the same day every day, the average day it’s in flux. I travel a lot sometimes 300 days on the year.

  1. In which moment did you decide to start practicing yoga? And why?

When I was 13 years old in Texas, 1969. My older brother got interested and I liked what he was doing, he was doing healthy things so that make me want to do it so we learnt from books.

There were no yoga studios so we just practiced on the park, down a tree with the book.

  1. Favorite book

I don’t have a favorite book. I read a lot but I can’t say I have a specifically a favorite one.

It almost doesn´t matter which are the books I like because other people like different things. What I would recommend is go to a bookstore and just go and start pulling book off the shelves. They could be any type of book, pull the book off the shelf and open it, read two pages; if it is boring pull it back on the shelf if it sounds interesting read it. Otherwise it is hard to say what one person likes and some other like.

  1. If you could choose, where would you go to practice right now? And which type of yoga would that be?

The thing is the practice does not require a place it just requires a small amount of space on the earth and that’s the beauty of the ashtanga practice. You only need to have a class, once you learn it wherever you are you practice. So the best place is wherever you are in the moment, keep it simple.

  1. Which question are you missing in this interview? Can you answer it?

I think everything is covered, I can´t think about anything else. THANK YOU!

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