The food at the BYC : 3 tips to enjoy it

Such a wonderful 1st day at the Barcelona Yoga Conference !

Something that is so important is how we nourrish ourselves with fresh & tasting food.

During the BYC is such a delight to have wonderful food experiences with fresh and crunchy veggies with aromatic herbs to nourish you at all levels!

Juices, raw foods, bliss balls, Green juices… & much more

prana kitchen

Support your yoga through healthy eating.

3 tips to enjoy it :

1- Chew it :The more you chew your food, the easier it becomes for your stomach to digest it and the more calories you burn moving those jaws.

2- Be present while eating : Focus only on your food then you’ll eat only as much as your body requires.

3- Our body is 70% water. It is essential that the body receives its much needed daily dose of minerals through water. Drinking plenty of water helps detoxify the body

raw food

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