Barcelona Thai massage

Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage : Be soft, gentle & compassionate

Welcome to the 1st day of the Barcelona Yoga Conference with the Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage with The wonderful Krishnatakis & David Lutt.

This experience is transformative : as they say it’s a deep revolution on the way we move, interact, communicate & specially… the way we touch.

Be soft, be gentle, be compassionate

How the body react to the touch ?

What’s your level of presence, attention & intention ?

During this workshop, we learn the technique of this massage based on releasing tension through movement, rocking techinques & harmonic waves. Fluidity is key here.

Moving from our Hara (the center of our body)

Barcelona Thai massage

This Thai massage looks like the perfect complement to achieve relaxation, integration & flow : this is a holistic experience, a co-created Sacred Dance as Krishnatakis said, a journey of mindfulness, balancing energy physically and emotionally with the ultimate goal of opening the heart for both giver and receiver.

A magical experience.

Open your heart & bring magic in your touch and connect with the divine laws of nature.

Be grounded & rooted then the dance can flow.

Have fun, love & be present.

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