What to do?… Follow your heart and intuition

I´ve been asked recently what are my choices or recommendations for activities at the Barcelona Yoga Conference. To be honest, I´ve looked at the program several times and I´m still in between many possibilities but I thought about writing this post to share some of my thoughts on teachers, styles of Yoga, schedules and interesting activities with those of you that like me, are still making decisions over the great offer that the Conference brings us this year. So here are some tips! Hope they help in some way:

Pre-Conference – Thurday July 02 I can´t make it to the Preconference but I would, for sure, join one of the two events proposed for Thursday if I could, they both are equally attractive.

Friday July 03

7h – 7h45 I will definitely try to make it to the Opening Ceremony with Anand Semalty and presenters

08h – 9h45 Jivamukti Yoga Petros Haffenrichter – I’ll be choosing this practice to begin the day because I love the combination of elements in the Jivamukti practice: chanting, dynamic asana practice, great music, meditation, etc. BTW Petros has a beautiful voice that will make you want to sing along with him and open your heart to a beautiful day. collage.village

9h45 – 10h30 have a delicious breakfast at one of the food stands in the Village and chill out with all the beautiful yogis & yoginis you meet there! Yumminess!

10h30 – 12h15 Yoga Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank as she´s been recommended as a great therapeutics teacher and I´m curious to take part in one of her classes

Light and delicious lunch from the Village stands! 

13h – 14h45 I will try AeroYoga with Karlos, Eva & Milla just because I´ve never done it and it sounds like great fun!

15h30 – 17h15 I will join Yin Yoga with Biff Mithoefer, I´ve heard great things about his Yin classes

18h – 19h45 Prana Flow Yoga with Shiva Rea or AcroYoga with Lucie Beyer & Jeppe Skovgaard, both options are a great way to wrap up the firs day at the BYConference. I will choose at the last minute depending on how I feel right there.

20h00 – 21h30 Kirtan with the Kirtaniyas

Saturday July 04sunrise

06h-7:45 Morning Sadhana – Hatha Yoga with Ganga Puri  (This early, YES! it´s definitely worth it… find out why on my post about Morning Sadhana)

8h – 9h45 Yoga Trance Dance & Tribal House Jam with Shiva Rea as I love to combine dance and asana practice, this will get all the components of my body and mind to wake up and ready for a day of powerful sensations

9h45 – 10h15 breakfast at the Village before …

10:30 – 12:15 AcroYoga with Ale & Jason or Kundalini Yoga with Hargobind Sigh, it all depends of what happens after the Trance Dance 😉

Yummy and healthy lunch from the Village stands! 

13h – 14h45 Free Style Jivamukti with Patrick Broome

15h30 – 17:15 AeroYoga with Karlos, Eva & Milla or I might just hang out in the Village and join the Kirtan with Petros Haffenrichter  and his magical voice and rhythm

18h – 19h45 I will definitely check out the Yoga 4 Kids (How to teach) with Mireia Castellsagué and get useful tips on sharing yoga with children

20h00 The unmissable Kirtan with Jai Uttal, the one everyone is waiting for and talking about. A great moment to share with all yogis in the conference joining voices and vibrating with the sound of powerful mantras

Sunday July 05

6h Morning Sadhana – Kundalini Yoga with Hargobind Sing 10404073_793239987382253_4676044497573957467_n

8h – 9h45 Awakening and realization meditations with Shiva Rea

9h45 – 10h15 nurturing breakfast at the Village before …

10h15 – 12h Powerful Intermediate Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson  

Delicious lunch from the Village stands! 

12h30 – 14h15 Inversion Lab with Tiffany Cruishank to explore the anatomical awareness needed to extract the potent therapeutic benefits of these poses

14h45 – 16h30 AeroYoga  with Karlos, Eva & Milla to chill out and let go with gravity or Yoga of Parkour with Jeppe Skovgaard, I´ve read about Parkour and it seems extremely interesting… moving with efficiency overcoming and adapting to mental and emotional obstacles as well as physical barriers, doesn´t it sound amazing?

17h00 – 18h45 For my last Conference practice, I might join Yin Yoga with Biff Mithoefer, after a powerful Yang morning, I believe this is just what I will be needing for complete surrender and soaking in all the wonderful teachings of the previous practices  barcelona yoga conference BYC

19h – 21h The closing ceremony will include a Kirtan with Bhakti Brothers and friends, a wonderful way to wrap up the experience through joyful singing until we meet again next year J!

And for those of you who still want more … (like me … )

Post – Conference Monday July 6

I recommend the workshop on Yoga Medicine – Exploring the Shoulder Joint with Tiffany Cruikshank, many practitioners complain about tightness and tension in the shoulders even or even more so after asana practice, this workshop is a great opportunity to explore the anatomy and function of the shoulder girdle and dysfunction that can occur, very relevant for teachers or curious practitioners. 031115TiffanyCruikshankChaturanga_bw All other Conference &  Post- Conference options, activities and teachers that I haven´t mentioned seem greatly appealing but as the title of the post suggests, you need to follow your heart and intuition when choosing what to do. These are some suggestions based on my previous experience, recommendations or my own intuitive voice but you need to listen to whatever appeals to your own present needs and yearnings. And remember to bring a mixture of Yin & Yang to your yogi days to look for balance and enjoy them at the maximum. Be flexible to last minute changes and very aware to whatever arises from these magical days of learning and sharing.

See you sooo soon! until then, safe travels … and much peace.

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