Let’s meet… How to get to the BYC!

BYC is around the corner!!!

We will be yogis and yoginis united and practicing as a whoel from everywhere around the globe!

How are you getting to the BYC? Plane, train, car, walking, acroflying, metro, bicycle, motorbike, handstanding… Let’s find out how can we arrive!!

If somebody comes handstanding or acroflying, PLEASE let me know!!!!!!! I would love to interview you about it!! :o)


The exact address is:

Carrer Ramon Miquel i Planas 40-38      08034 Barcelona

GPS coordinates:

Latitude: 41.399874

Longitude: 2.117891699999973

By car or motorbike

By car take the Ronda de Dalt Exit 9 “Sarrià”. It is few minutes from EEUU embassy.

There’s gonna be a fantastic free parking where you can park your car or motorbike!

Parking:  Carrer Rafols 13 | 08034 Barcelona

BYC by car parking

By public transport, handstanding or train
Ferrocarrils Catalans:  Reina Elisenda – L6 (From Plaça Catalunya)

BYC by public transport

By bicycle

Double check www.bcn.cat/bicicleta to find your best way to reach the BYC ;o)

how to get to byc by bike

By plane, helicopter or acroflying

  • Train Renfe to ‘Plaça Catalunya’ (25min) + Ferrocarrils Catalans L6 to Reina Elisenda
  • Bus to Plaça Catalunya + Ferrocarrils Catalans L6 to Reina Elisenda
  • Taxi will take 20 minutes and between 25-35€

Et voilà!!!!!! Here you can find the different ways on how to reach the BYC location!!!!

See you next week with open hearts!!!!

Sonrisas para todos

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