We are many, we are united, 5 days left

It is so important that we come together to practice. The world in Kali Yuga is a bizzare place, turbulent times are upon us, there is much suffering and we must develop peace, harmony, happiness within in order to have the strength to take a better direction. This coming together is our way to nourish each other with this light, yogi, loving presence so that when after 5 days pass and our paths take their own direction we carry the same message of peace to all corners of earth separately but together. With rippling effect this epicenter of yoga and love will have its effect throughout our planet.

We are many, and we are united by one word yoga. We are the army of spiritual warriors that the world needs today. We are strong in our bodies, but more importantly in our minds. We have the key to any difficulty and it is our spiritual practice.

The more importance you will give to soak in all the knowledge, the more inspired and nourished you will finish the event with. Enjoy every bit, do what you love, rest whenever you can, get loose, love it all.



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