Little Love Story

And then this happened last week:

Super-short ecological pre-story:

This year the so called summer in Germany is until NOW a no-summer, a sometimes rainy sometimes somewhat-warm, sometimes somewhat-cold mixture of fall and autumn in a debate about who will win.

That day:

It was pouring rain. Literally pouring. On me. I went by train to university. I was not prepared for that amount of water, not at all. I was wearing open shoes, ballerinas (because sometimes I think you could call the summer by just wearing summer clothes), I had no umbrella, the water poured without any resistance on and in my clothes and onto my skin. I was sooo pissed. One year ago I lived in northern Germany, a region that is known for this rainy days and all the way from the station to the university I mumbled to myself that exactly this weather was the reason for me to move down south.

I stopped in front of a café to get a little rest from the pouring rain – and realized I was already so soaked that it didn’t even make sense to stop. I walked on, waited at red lights at the next crossroad as a guy stopped next to me and hold his umbrella above my head. I looked into his unfamiliar face and he smiled brightly at me. I said hello as if I saw a friend after a long time again, being at the same time surprised about this. He said “hi” and: „Such a bad weather, oh my God… This morning you couldn’t guess it would be so bad.“ I said what I thought the whole time: That I HATE such rainy days, they make me want to move. He smiled and said, he felt the same. The lights switched to green, we crossed the street, he would hold his umbrella still over my head when we walked. He said something about the farmers, that they would be happy about the rain, then I had to go straight and he left. He wished me a wonderful day, I did the same to him – so he went. After a few steps I realized the rain had almost stopped. I didn’t even care. My feet in my all soaked ballerinas felt terrible. Still though.

After that day:

The situations still makes me smile. So simple – so nice. This guy was so awesome and so open. I loved that moment. It is so easy and at the same time not easy to uplift other people, to not see them separate, unknown – who cares? We care. We should care. Not to be in our own little bodies but go out and inspire and uplift others. To live fully.


…here I come, only 6 days stand between us 😉

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