Barcelona Yoga Conference … Family friendly :) !

I was recently speaking to a dear yogini friend who has a four month old adorable baby who I love so much. I was telling her about all the workshops that I have been participating in recently and the classes that I want to take at the Barcelona Yoga Conference.

10513291_792367604136158_8612237052144202570_nShe listened to me and then answered: “I was thinking how one year ago I would have probably joined you in all those events, but for now “motherhood is my highest yoga”. This got me thinking about how our lives transform when we commit to parent or motherhood, it is indeed a commitment with many new experiences, emotions, challenges and surprises!

I nonetheless insisted that she come and hang around with me, her partner and baby and have a delicious meal in the BYC Village. And I remembered all the beautiful children that I have found in the previous years of the conference hanging around and enjoying singing, acroyoga, running around the venue and filling the Conference with their beautiful energy.

Here, I share with you some of the activities in this year’s program that you can share as a family and for free!

Feetup Yoga with Kilian Trenkle on Friday, Saturday or Sunday at 8am

The story of Ganesha with Anand Semalty on Friday at 10:30 am

Blindfold Yoga with Nina Adams on Friday at 10:30 am

10696449_836329883073263_8221984725952104509_nSing along in the kirtans with or Manel Melich, Came Nalini, David Lurey or the Kirtaniyas at 13h, 15:30, 18h or 20h on Friday or with Ana and Tiago, Petros Haffenrichter,  Chaitanya on Saturday at 13, 15:30, 18 or 20h with Jai Uttal and on Sunday come to the Kirtan with Yopi Jay at 12:30 or the following at 14:45 with Marcus Felsner and at 19h at the closing ceremony with the Bhakti Brothers and Friends

There will be a special Family Acroyoga class on Sunday at 12:30 with Mireia and Coni, how exciting!

10428641_792365287469723_3473756805461717938_nWe live in fast times were we sometimes have little time to dedicate to our friends and family among our busy schedules. The importance of a community to support us while we meet the experience of becoming a parent is fundamental. It is fantastic that the Conference has always been a welcoming venue for families to come together, share and have a great time – this year is no exception!

Very much looking forward to meeting you and the little ones very soon in Barcelona!


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