2 weeks to go. Excited?

The countdown has officially begun and we are only two weeks away from the event. Butterflies roaming in the belly as I think of all the wonderful friends that will reunite to share love, yoga, great vibrations, good food, bhakti and happy five days. 10404073_793239987382253_4676044497573957467_n

You will get there, get excited, get your wrist band, get your programme, get overwhelmed, finally chose, get to your masterclass with your mat on your back and sit down to OM and it will all settle down again

You might have already wisely studied the programme carefully and some choices will be very obvious. Make sure not to do no more than two dynamic practices in one day. You might run out of energy very quickly as it gets intense not only in class but even in the breaks, when you meet all kinds of people and in the evening when we get together to chant.

Leave space for your mood on the day to decide on options and follow someone into an unknown territory. Important – leave space for rest.

2 weeks from now we will come together to express what is ONE LOVE.

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