The Karma Yogis: BYC from the inside

Do your little bit of good where you are: it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

Desmond Tutu.

The moment is nearly here and yogis and yoginis from far and wide have their eyes set on Barcelona, the temperatures, maps, accommodation, location, and particularly for those of us who live in the city – the programme! How to organise the day? How many classes can I realistically fit in? What a tough choice!

There is so much to experience, discover and feel in the three days of the main conference and the pre and post workshops.

This is my first year as a blogger and I’m keen to directly explore the BYC as I seek to describe (big task if there are words possible!) moments during each day of this unique experience. As event organisation and communication were a main part of my past, I am fascinated by the sheer enormity and diversity of the organisation, which has continued to grow in size and popularity, and attract an incredible variety of talented and experienced yoga teachers, and practitioners, from around the world.

So I hunted down a good friend and fellow yogi Jaume Leguia, who has volunteered in the conference as a Karma yogi for two consecutive years, to ask him to share his own personal experience working on the “inside”.


Jaume also had an Events background, and for many years had worked with the assembly of sound and lighting equipment and structures for theatres and shows. He was subsequently assigned a “sound” role for his days at the Barcelona Yoga Conference,

“I didn’t know any one from the BYC when I arrived, but from the start I immediately felt really comfortable and welcomed into the group. There were about thirty of us Karma Yogis, each with our own five-hour shifts. I was in charge of the sound in the rooms; ensuring it was working well for each of the conference classes. Outside our scheduled hours we were free to participate in the classes, but I actually didn’t attend so many classes. I think I went to just a couple in the end, and in fact with my experience and memories I personally feel that it might not be the most important part of the conference, for me.”

“I remember that it was quite an intense job to check each of the rooms and ensure everything was working well before the start of the classes. The equipment was installed but there was always a little surprise to fix (microphone, volume, live music, tuning, cables etc) so it was never boring!”

“It is really different ‘to live’ the BYC from the ‘inside’. From the very first afternoon with a little welcome party for the teachers, and to see just what it requires to organise and assemble everything necessary for the conference, the organisation, the logistics, different problems and the solutions found. It was an enormous discovery.”


“The relationship I formed with the other karma yogis, the participants, the teachers… it was liking going on a great long journey around the world without leaving Barcelona. It was like being part of one huge family all together. The experience was incredibly satisfying and so I signed up again the following year. Days are full of the little, simple things that make you feel genuinely happy and grateful.”

See you all there very, very soon!

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