Let´s meet… THE KIRTANS!!!!

And the question is…

What’s a kirtan? Who are they? Is a music group? A food? An asana?

When you start entering in the “yoga world” all of a sudden somebody invites you to go to a kirtan, or you go to a yoga class and at the beginning of the class everybody starts singing different songs, a completely different energy/vibe starts filling up the space.


Have you ever experienced that?


That’s a kirtan: the vibe, the feeling of a group of people singing mantras together and increasing together as a whole their collective energy and consciousness.

For many, kirtans are the best way of experiencing how their heart opens up, how we are more than our physical, emotional or mental body.

Ananda (happiness) is what is found while singing or being in a kirtan, it’s like your soul comes back where it belongs. Into this space of happiness and comfort, where you experience that here and now feeling and everything is perfect.

In almost all yoga events there are some spaces for kirtans, and obviously in our amazing BYC there is lots and lots of space for kirtans!!! You can choose from morning to afternoon. And you know what? Fantastic singers are waiting for you to merge voices together!! Some of them are: Jai Uttal, Anand Semalty, Bhakti brothers & friends, Carme Nalini, Marcus Felsner, David Lurey, you and many many many many more!!!


Green and symbol musical notes are the color for our lovely kirtans in the BYC program!!!!! All kirtan events are free during the BYC, come and join us!!! 

Check it out to be there and if you cannot be there, no worries! There’s an awesome solution!! Just feel and the BYC kirtan energy will come straight to your heart!

Let´s share our voice and our love together!!!!


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