Morning Sadhana

“What is sadhana? It’s a committed prayer. It is something which you want to do, have to do, and which is being done by you. … Sadhana is self-enrichment. It is not something which is done to please somebody or to gain something. Sadhana is a personal process in which you bring out your best.” ~Yogi Bhajan


Sadhana is a personal, individual effort. It is the main tool you use to work on yourself to achieve the purpose of life. It can be done alone or in a group.

The Barcelona Yoga Conference offers you the opportunity to participate in a Morning Sadhana or Morning Ritual, the chance to begin your day in a conscious, mindful manner.

On Saturday July 4 and Sunday July 5 , you can take part of the Morning Sadhana and Hatha Yoga with Ganga Puri & Morning Sadhana & Yoga with Yogi Amitram. Have you ever gotten up and performed your practice first thing in the morning? Some of us may have tried it and have noticed how starting the day like this creates a different mindset for the rest to the day.

If you have never tried it, I encourage you to take this opportunity, go to bed early the day before and get up before the sun to take part of this practice.

Some of the main reasons to take part of a Morning Sadhana are:

  1. Consciousness of the body and mind: early in the morning, before carrying out our daily activities, if you take a moment to connect, you are more open to perceive the state of the body and the mind and any subtle changes that might have occurred
  2. Encourage positive, fulfilling thoughts before any other: when you begin the day by dedicating some time to yourself, you send a message of wellbeing and serenity towards all of your inner layers; you cultivate self-love and awareness.
  3. Set the mood for the rest of the day: Sadhana is an anchor for the rest of the day. Beginning the day with consciousness, sets the tone for the rest of the day.
  4. Connection to the breath: The breath is an efficient thermometer of the state of the body and the mind. If you begin the day by observing the breath, you can become aware of the way you are waking up and you are more likely to live your day with a conscious mindset, using the breath as an effective tool to stay calm through unexpected situations.
  5. Encourage discipline and commitment: when you wish to achieve something, discipline is essential, if you wish for you days to be lived in equanimity and peace, a Sadhana practice, early in the morning, is helpful for encouraging self-discipline, determination and confidence, helpful qualities for achieving many endeavors.

And guess what? These events are part of the Free Activities that are presented to you by the Conference, so invite some friends over to begin their day in a different way with you.

I hope these few words motivate you to give this gratifying ritual a try, hopefully I will see you there!


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