The Yin and the Yang

yinyangAlmost one month for the Barcelona Yoga Conference? Are you excited?!

By now, perhaps you´ve checked the program and chosen to take some classes with your favorite teachers or participate in some of the proposed workshops.

An important thing to consider when you make your choices is that your activities are “balanced” and by this I mean, make sure you plan to have a Yin and Yang combination in your choices so that you can fully enjoy your days at the Conference and not end up excessively drained or wishing you´ve distributed your choices in a better way. Some planning is helpful.

The Yin – Yang concept is perhaps the most known, documented and used within Taoism, two halves that together complete wholeness. The word Yin translates as “shady” or “soft” and Yang as “sunny” or “strong”.  This concept is equivalent to the Ha-Tha = “Ha” = Sun / “Tha” =moon, the origin of Hatha Yoga, in other words the pursuit of wholeness or union which is Yoga.

This is why, ideally a practice should include an equivalent mix of both yin and yang postures that derives in a state of balance in the body and mind.

Luckily, the Conference program offers a wide variety of activities that makes it easy for us to try very different styles of practices but still be able to design the perfect Yin – Yang combination.

For example on Day 01, Friday 03

07:00 Yin start off gentle waking up with the sun and participating in the opening ceremony with Anand Semalty & presenters: offering your day or Conference to Ganesha participating in the vedic ritual which combines mantras  and Sankalpa (intention)

yang08:00 Yang continue with Asthanga Yoga with David Swenson or Jivamukti Yoga with Petros Haffenrichter both styles of asana practice are invigorating and engage the muscles to make us stronger with warming, energizing postures, which also stimulate the metabolism and encourage the nervous system

Have a delicious, healthy breakfast at the Food stands!

13:00 Yin & Yang participate in the AcroYoga class with Ale & Pau Acroyoga combines exercise and strength building aspects and also improves concentration. The massage elements of this practice can provide stress and tension relief.yin

15:30 Yin Yoga with Biff Mithoefer exploring the path of Acceptance combined with a gentle Yin Practice with drumming, silence, chanting, poetry and silence.

18:00 Yang Explore the creativity of the body through fluidity and movement connecting to the water element and a regenerative savasana (Yin) with Prana Flow with Shiva Rea

20:00 Wrap up your day with a colorful Kirtan with the Kirtaniyas before a joyful rest preparing for two more beautiful days like this!

Don´t forget to check out the program and bring some Yin & Yang into your days at the Conference! Making sure you enjoy it the best way possible.

Want to know more about the Yin & the Yang? Read here.


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