Let’s meet… THE FOOD!!!

Close your eyes

Feel the most amazing smell of vegan, veggie, indian, all types of smoothies and juices you can imagine!

THAT’S the smell you will find during the BYC!

Can you smell it? AMAZING right?

byc food

During the Barcelona Yoga Conference all foods are FOR SURE made and cooked with tones of love, positive energy and big big smiles :o)

You will be able to find different types of food: juices, smoothies, deserts, crepes, indian, sandwiches, salads, veggie burger, chai, daal, thali… And many others that are waiting for us to make us smile and feed our stomachs!

Some names of the stands they will be there with us are FANTASTIC, it really makes you smile and feel already the yoga feel on your body:




Creperia La capibana


Waiting for your smile and exquisite love during BYC!!!

food byc


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