Bring more peace and harmony in you and all around you

I suggest you take time to observe the relationships you have with others: these show you how you treat yourself.

Cloe Bertrand Yoga Flexion avant jambes ecratees Montpellier

If you want more peace and harmony in your life, be present, caring, loving & forgiving with yourself & with others.

Today, see each relationship you’ve got as a gift. And if someone is rude, brutal or impatient, don’t take it personally!

Train your mind to perceive the good in people & what is good in your life.

Decide – for now – take 3 actions to practice peace in your heart.

Write them in the comments below & watch your day!

Have you seen differences, changes in your daily life?

Have you seen seen more peace and harmony in the world around you?

Experiment, test, explore! & Share it with us!

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