The Yoga Tourist

I’m sitting in Amsterdam Schipol Airport, awaiting my flight back home to Barcelona, and revelling in the “empty” space of non-doing that departure lounges provide. It almost seems to be a paradox to say that I can find time out within a place of such busy-ness as the airport, yet I have always found it a welcome break: a time to take a step back from the carousel of life. The whole concept of travel by air is quite surreal, the transition from A to B, often “suspended” in time as you move from one time zone to another: the before place you leave, the middle place where you transition, and the after place where you land. Absurd and amazing.

Credits: Wari Om Yoga Photography
Credits: Wari Om Yoga Photography

Once again I have been fortunate enough to enjoy a few days away, and take time off work to study, do more training and simultaneously partake in a little “yoga tourism”. Amsterdam like Barcelona is an incredibly vibrant and very fertile yoga destination. There are numerous studios dotted all over the city, and it is a fabulous opportunity to visit different areas with the parallel aim of dropping in on a class and sharing some yoga energy Amsterdam-style.

For years I’ve been a passionate yoga tourist and as I now get ready to board my Vueling I’m already excited imagining the same feeling for those who will travel to Barcelona in July for this year’s Barcelona Yoga Conference.

trikonasana byc

A journey to a beautiful, cosmopolitan and rich cultural destination for five days of yoga and the chance to discover another face to Barcelona, a versatile, friendly and forever-changing city.

As I store my yoga mat in the overhead lockers, it brings a smile to my face to think of the air miles it has already clocked up – maybe we could get our mats stamped like passports! The different studios it has been unrolled in, the friends I have met, the places I have explored with my Manduka (I’m also grateful to have invested in the travel version of the mat – the “lite” mat is extremely appreciated when hiking around a city!)

Following a wonderful week of yoga training with fellow yogis from around Europe my mind is stimulated with new, fresh concepts and ideas, inspiration and a revived enthusiasm to enrich my own practice and classes.

When we step away from our usual practice and lifestyle it offers us a unique opportunity for reflection and observation. Some of my best “aha!” moments have happened to me on these yoga travels, and all the trainings, workshops I am fortunate enough to attend are also mini-retreats. Time to myself, with myself and for myself.

The Barcelona Yoga Conference can be all of these and more – training, practice, a retreat and a holiday. I can’t wait to do it all again on home soil! Hope you can join us!

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