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Reasons to why going to BYC can be life changing

Even though before going to the very first BYC I already knew that I want to teach yoga, later I understood that two particular masterclasses were two experiences that would give me a direction.

Like slow ticking bomb it might take a while but it will at some point bring where you needed to go. It could be anything: a special teacher, something particular one of them said, a particular practice, a new friend, being with so many truth seeking people, spending time in an uplifted mood provided by everyone, chanting together with hundreds of other people – will move something in you inevitably.

trikonasana byc

For me it was taking a Jivamukti class with Patrick and his assistants. It was so uplifting, energizing, heart warming, simple and sincere that made me fall in love with this method and four years later I did the teacher training and now I feel so privileged to assist him.

Another workshop was with Krishnatakis learning how to move in the sacred dance of Thai Massage. What happened next? Beginner Thai massage course with Pau and Till and now I can become that dance regularly. I know now that it was a path to connection and healing.

With so many choices of events and classes and workshops you will find what inspires you. It will move something in you, something warm, kind and loving. From that space you will look at the world and make it a better place. Because you’ve found that place within you and now you want to share.

Find what will inspire you here on this BYC Programme 2015

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