Travel oh traveling

Is that any kind familiar to you yoga teachers? You tell people, what you do for work, being a yoga teacher, and they’ll tell you how great your job is? It’s not that my job isn’t great, it’s just the thing what other people think of it as great. For example they’ll tell you how good that is for your body, so you’ll have a workout every day. Well, the word „workout“ is maybe not even the problem, but more, that it is true, as a devotional yoga teacher you do have a regular practice, but it is just not coming through teaching but with a very disciplined day-to-day-schedule ON TOP of teaching. Which is fine – but not what people think it is, like, teaching AND, in the same moment, getting your „workout“.

I think it is quite the same with yoga teachers who are traveling all the time – and what we often think it might be. Also I am sometimes so into „yeah, traveling all the time, this must be so awesome“ – and then last year BYC Danny Paradise would tell me, how much he misses his home in Hawai. I felt like one of these people I mentioned above having so great ideas about teaching and workout. Danny would say, he hasn’t been home for a long time and that he travelled his whole life so much. I thought, how not-awesome that is and really – of course, I knew this before if I really opened my eyes to see.

Danny Paradise - teacher at the BYC 2014
Danny Paradise – teacher at the BYC 2014

But sometimes we are stuck in our mind having an image of something and holding on to it – not even wanting to open the eyes. We live in a world that is so all excited about traveling the whole planet (me included, I raised my hand…) and this is always a luxury. I mean sitting in an airplane is such a luxury. Imagine you being born 50 years earlier. Even 20 years earlier the flights weren’t so affordable like now. So it is logical if we are all excited about flying around and getting to know new places. But nevertheless are there people with jobs who have to fly – because of their job. And maybe they have been all excited about traveling one day. But maybe not anymore.

Being a well known yoga teacher in our days means that you will have to travel. And for sure there are those who are fine with that, maybe even super happy – and others who see the traveling part as a necessary tool for their job. And of course, for some it is a mix of pros and cons. Maybe it is just me, but recently a lot of yoga teachers who travel a lot told me how they don’t like it.

Me personally I think sometimes I should honor that more, all the teachers flying in to all the conferences and workshops, sometimes missing their homes, their friends – maybe for a tough long time – and giving us their teachings and lectures, their lessons. So I really try to take that with me this year, thanking them for teaching, honoring their path – when I will be flying all excited to the next BYC 2015.

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