Once we link our hearts in just a certain way, it will bring something alive that is the creative potential that we will create from. We are entering an age that we cannot create by ourselves. We must join as a community. This is why everybody is being attracted to finding like-minded friends and family and building community.

Mystic Mamma


What is our life if not a constant search? The search for something new, the search for freshness, for a new start or an excuse for not doing things? Look around and you will find a lot of people looking for support, understanding, inspiration, for the better place, for a new home or just love. Look deeper and you will see a simple truth behind it – what we are searching for are the right people. Those who will support, inspire or understand you, those you can have a fresh start with or who will become a new home for you.

Of course, in most cases that is not kind of process you keep on thinking about. This is something going on a background in our daily routine. And, since life is taking a good care of providing us with the right people at the right time, usually we don’t make any effort to it by ourselves. But what if we would? What if looking for the like-minded ones would become the purpose of our journey at least for a little while? Where would you start?

Well, internet with all its social networks and chat services is a great thing for that. No doubt. But can we actually get in touch over the internet? Is it possible to build something real by using the keyboards only? Can the energy exchange be transmitted by the network wires? If your answer is no, let’s make one step further. Let’s leave our laptops for a while and change the glow of monitors for the radiance of a sun and bright searchers just like you.


Just like you, they will come to the Barcelona Yoga Conference to find something more than just a new technique or a good practice. Just like you, they are open and ready to share the best they have in their backpacks and souls. Just like you they always have a room in their hearts for something real. Just like you they know what really is important and won’t be brought there by the blind chance.

So, if you consider yourself a searcher, or have something you always wanted to share with others and didn’t know the best place for that, or you just don’t have anything against having a great time surrounded by beautiful people, start packing your yoga pants and funny T-shorts. It’s only 107 days left.

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