How did you first get bit by the Yoga Bug?

By Lauren Raffaela Piccolo

Do you remember your first yoga class?  Maybe you dropped in for a free trial at the studio in your neighborhood, or you had planned to take a pilates class at the gym but a yoga teacher showed up instead, or maybe your mom is a hippie and you’ve been practicing downward dogs with her since adolescence. The ways leading one to yoga are truly endless, but the most common story I have heard from students over the years is that they were introduced to the practice through a friend or loved one. Maybe a friend had a class pass to offer and you jumped at the chance to try something new or maybe it took him or her weeks to convince you to get on the mat. However it happened, it seems that once the yoga bug bites, it is only a matter of time before the effects start to spread…

Getting bit by a yoga bug seems to ignite in practitioners the desire to share the wonderment of the practice with those around them. In considering how fast this bug can make its way through a group of friends or community, influencing others to see for themselves what happens when on the mat, reflects on the inherent nature of yoga as one that allows us to tap into and connect parts of ourselves with the world and those around us in deep and profound ways.

The Barcelona Yoga Conference  is a perfect example of how the yoga bug has made it’s way around the world and what an incredible moment it is each year to unite an international community of friends and strangers, yogis from far and wide, to breathe, move, sit still, dance, chant, sing and bask in the light of the practice together.

We can find gratitude for the chance to reflect on what these incredible practices offer us individually and as a greater international community as we connect through the rhythms and flows, chants and meditations and towards experiencing the great universality of yoga. Through each of us manifesting our best intentions to come together at BYC 2015,  it seems certain that the yoga bug will continue to prosper and spread the benefit of the practice far and wide.


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