Open Your Heart, Open Yourself

“An open heart is an open mind” – Dalai Lama XIV

Tucked away, upon the mountain tops that overlook the city of the Barcelona rests a school of Sacred Heart (Sagrat Cor). Annually, during the first weekend of July the school  is transformed and a new form of learning takes place. A dual state of moving inwards and expanding ourselves outward. The Barcelona Yoga Conference has created a unique container to offer and receive many lessons, teachings and practices.



The BYC has grown to be one of the biggest European conferences of its kind. Set in one of Europes most desirable locations, people from all walks of life and all corners of the world unite each year at the Barcelona Yoga Conference. BYC holds the space for practitioners of many years and students coming to discover yoga for the first time. Although, the shores of the Mediterranean sea and some of the worlds finest restaurants are just blocks away the main attraction this weekend is 5 full days of yoga, chanting, and friendship.



Each year the conference raises the bar by inviting internationally renowned teachers, offering more free events, and granting an abundant amount of scholarships to students who desire to attend. The foundation of the Barcelona Yoga Conference is generosity. Offerings from the heart for the pure joy of sharing what we love. BYC goes beyond yoga “style”, there are options for every body. From Ashtanga to Yin, AcroYoga and slackline, food to nourish the soul, meditations and moments for silence. Limitless opportunities to serve individual needs. It is the first weekend of July, you have landed in a safe space to be whoever you want to be, to show up as you are, to be honest with yourself when you yearn for those moments of silence and solitude. Don´t be shy to equally embrace the moments when you´d like to surround yourself with people you have known for years or those you have just met.



People come in groups. They come with friends, some come with family and many travel solo. Maybe you recognize many faces or the realization that your surroundings, everyone and everything feels brand new.Yogis come from Germany, others from Japan and all the way from the United States. Oceans and worlds apart. The point being, there is space for everyone. Invite yourself to stay open to everything, open your mind, open your heart, open yourself.


This space contains the opportunity to put yourself out there, to meet new people; it holds a space for you to learn, to be still, to practice and dive deeper into your passion.  We constantly experience ourselves in new moments, at BYC we can allow ourselves to experience it all. Listen deeply. Sing loudly. Dance like no one is watching.  Relish in moments of comfort and explore spaces a little less familiar. The space is here. The moment is now. BYC2015. Meet Yourself Here.


Hari om.

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