Get to know the BYC… The 3 Big smiles

Who’s behind this movement called BYC started in 2010?

Who’s bringing us the opportunity of exploring, experimenting and transforming ourselves during one whole week of yoga in Barcelona?

The 3 big smiles: Pau, Wari and Mireia

Three sibling who share a fantastic positive heart energy that spreads out to whoever is around them and make the BYC possible and real!

They have been creating a real SANGHA of international authentic people that is growing every day and reunites at least once a year during the Barcelona Yoga Conference!

Let’s meet a little bit more the 3 big smiles with blue eyes that you will meet during the BYC! ;o)


He loves to be barefoot and he’s usually singing, playing the guitar and flying (acroyoging or in therapeutic thai). I do believe he can do all those three things at same time!!



As the picture suggests, he´s always wearing either a beanie or a t-shirt on his head and you will find hanging over his shoulder or neck a camera. I do believe he can do an Ashtanga primary series practice with a camera around his body!!



Pure and fresh energy surrounds her, she’s always smiling, dancing and upside down! She’s a fairy who´s dancing and flying all over the BYC, when you will see her, you will feel it!


I feel the BYC is yoked inside a lot of circles: Pau, Mireia and Wari continue to make this event happen year after year, with the support of Dolors and Jordi (the parents of the BYC), the Karma yogis dream team (that you will meet them on the next post! Yuhuu) and EVERYBODY who is going to the BYC that make it real!!!!

Looking forward to feel and be all together making it real during the whole Barcelona Yoga Conference!!!!!

Namaste authentics

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