Start doing things you love

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Well, the headline says it all: Start doing things you love!

This is the claim of the Barcelona Yoga Conference. When I discovered it last year, it really resonated with me and stuck with me since then.

It may sound so simple, but for me there are layers to it. On a more superficial level it just says: Go and have fun by doing things you enjoy. Which is good and should definitely be kept in mind.

At least for me, there is a deeper meaning: First start asking yourself, what are the things you love. And what is holding you back from doing it. I don’t know about you, but when I started to ask myself these questions, I pretty often ended up thinking, that a lot of things I would love to do, wouldn’t fit very well into concepts society holds for you. I knew that I wanted to do things that a lot of people wouldn’t consider as “normal”. Their potential judgments were holding me back or I didn’t even dare to think outside the box.

thaiWhat I love so much about Yoga, is that it gives you the opportunity to look at things from different perspectives, that it offers new points of view and dares to question what is considered as normal. It empowers you to ask those questions yourself and gives you the strength to take actions.

During my teacher training my teacher David Life asked us: “Are you ready to not be normal anymore?” At that moment, none of us could really got the whole meaning and consequences of it. Being Yoga-Nerds felt pretty normal while living in our small community. But actually we all had changed during the time of teacher training and just realized when we were back home. Things that used to be normal for us weren’t anymore. We have been offered new perspective and have been empowered to dare to care and ask questions, so that outer opinions became less important.

fotkaBarcelona Yoga Conference is a great place for inspiration and growth. Here you can experience, how great it actually feels to do things you love and be surrounded by like-minded people. Cherish that feeling and take it home with you. It’s a process and we are all in this together. And the more fun we can have on that way, the better.

It’s your life – spend it with things and people you love. Namaste.




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