Barcelona – center of the wise, model of purity, quarry of Kings

Baltasar Gracian

There is a lot of reasons to build your summer vacation plans around Yoga Conference in Barcelona this year. Wide and saturated program, names of speakers and teachers, variety of yoga schools represented; foodies can definetly expect appetizing catering and, as always, lots of the most wonderful people around during the all five days.


But today I want to stop at another point, which was deciesive for me, and might become that for you as well. I’m talking about the place. I’m talking about Barcelona.

I’m sure there is no better place in Europe to hold the Yoga Conference, than this huge and and at the same so cozy city washed by an endless sea from the one side and hugged tightly by the mountains from the others. A city which breathes deeply and slowly with every ebb and flow filling it’s inhabitants and guests with calm and positive energy. There is no other megapolis, which could provide you with such amounts of peace and relaxation instead of drawing you into a vibrant rythm of it’s busy life and fisrt-world problems.


Wherever you’ll be staying in Barcelona during the days of conference, your morning walks or rides to Escola del Sagrat Cor will become your first spiritual practice of the day. Your every inhale will connect you with the city, people around and yourself deeper and deeper. Le Corbusier refferd to Barcelona as to a port open to the past and future. I can only add, that this is also a perfect place to connect to Now.

Have you been to Barcelona’s beaches or parks before, you know how many people are practicing yoga there. Actually, you can call Parc de la Ciutadella for instance a free yoga school itself. I haven’t been yet to any other public place where you can find such a variety of yoga styles represented – people are flying in acroyoga postures, salutating to the sun or meditating all day long.


Once I saw a guy there meditating right on the steps of a Basílica de Santa Maria del Mar surrounded by the crowds of tourists. You don’t need much to stay focused and concentrated – just the right time, the right place and clear intentions. And you know where you can have it all together this summer, right?

Barcelona GO! from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

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