8 Interesting facts about the Barcelona Yoga Conference (that perhaps you didn´t know)


Are you planning on joining the Barcelona Yoga Conference this July? Here is a summary of curious facts about the gathering that are useful and exciting to know:

  1. A family of organizers: The conference is lead and organized by a family and close collaborators that put their heart and soul into making sure all of the right elements of the event come harmoniously into place.
  1. Karma Yogi team: The conference opens the space for a team of Karma Yogis to participate and volunteer in a whole range of activities related to the conference from preparation of the rooms to special attention to teachers and participants.
  1. The venue: Everything takes place in the “Sacred Heart”, a school and monastery in the upper parts of the city of Barcelona, well connected by public transport (FGC): All information on how to arrive and move around can be found in the official website.
  1. Yoga Styles and activities: During the five days of the conference, you will find a great variety of activities related to yoga practice and wellness. Over 50 internationally renowned teachers and facilitators take part of the Conference activities ranging from Kirtans, guided meditations, asana practice, therapeutic workshops and much, much more. For all options and combinations, check out the official program.
  1. Scholarships: Over 100 half scholarships and full scholarships are offered to aspiring participants in need of financial support. To apply, find more information here.
  1. Free happenings and events: These take place during the three main days of the Conference (Friday 03, Saturday 04 and Sunday 05) and are distributed throughout the day ranging from all types and styles of practice. Consult the green boxes in the program for further details.
  1. Weather in July: July is a great time to visit Barcelona! The weather is perfect: The average temperature is expected to be at 23°C. During the day, temperatures might rise to 27°C but not much of over that, just perfect for taking a dip at the sea before or after a full day of activities at the Conference!
  1. Stand village: Great creativity is concentrated at the heart of the venue, you will find over 40 stands offering products related to Yoga and wellbeing, ranging from accessories, clothing, essential oils, etc. as well as a great selection of the most delicious healthy and vegan/vegetarian food options in Barcelona that converge for the days of the Conference. More information on stands here.


This event is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in Yoga and have a great time sharing with more than 600 participants from over five continents in a wonderful city, with great weather and food options. So if you are still hesitant about coming over, doubt no more and catch the early bird prices available until March 10th!

All effort and love put into this Conference really shines throughout the whole week!


  1. marionaventura

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    See you in the next BYC at the beginning of July!!!

    Come and join us, the best energy, vibe and people you can ever imagine!!!

    Remember… See you in Barcelona 1st week of July 2015!!!

    Let’s share the love of the practice together :o) :o)

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